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Why become a Hela Worker?

The world is constantly progressing and so are the challenges of finding work. This is why Hela Job has created a job matching platform that will help you, as an employee find local Businesses in a single click on your smartphone.


Quick Book

You will receive jobs in seconds and you will have 30 seconds to accept or decline the job request whilst simultaneously being able to communicate with Businesses via a built-in messaging feature after your job acceptance.


Real Time Tracking

Because Hela Job is an automated job finder, Businesses can check and live track when a Worker is on their way to them.


Safe and Encrypted

With its most modern data encryption, Hela Job ensures platform security by safeguarding communication between all parties involved.

Earn with ease, get paid

As a Hela Worker, you will receive earnings paid on the same day you complete a job. This, alongside with work flexibility and accessibility, will be perfectly suited with your availability and experience which not only allows further skill development and locomotion in the job market, but on-demand shifts as well.


Manage Multiple Services!

  • Ability to communicate with your Business via in-built communication services.
  • Automated company finder
  • Find your next employer within seconds
  • Instant job access


You can update your bank details within your account in the Hela Worker app by going to the "Payment" section in your profile or you can update your bank details via your web account directly under "My account" after you sign-in.
You get paid after a job has been completed successfuly. However, you have to request your payout from your account and depending on your bank, it could take anywhere between 3 to 7 working days to arrive.
Message your Business via our built-in instant messaging to make them aware of this and call our Customer Service Team on 0800 368 7761 immediately.
You will need to create an account in our Hela Worker app and go through our automated ID verification service. You must have a valid proof of ID and address in order to be accepted.
You will receive a notification in app when there is a local job posted near you, you will have 30 seconds to accept it.
Yes, use our built-in instant messaging feature to communicate with your Business effectivelty and smoothly.
You must be registered as "Self-Employed" and therefore, you are required to declare your taxes on your own at the end of each calendar year. Hela Job is not responsible for your tax responsibility.
This will depend on what jobs are going on around you. However, you will receive notifications for work up to 10 miles away from your location.

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